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Why JusFlo?
Built for the 21st century small business
Smooth Income & Expense Management
Smooth Income & Expense Management
In the midst of all the other things that require your immaculate attention, JusFlo is created to help smooth all the ripples and waves in your financial journey. JusFlo is an unerring tool equipped to handle all your payables and receivables, be it recurring or sudden. As a wise man once said, when in doubt, just go with the Flo.
Choreographed Design
Choreographed Design
Some of the most breathtaking and beautiful performances are the result of an outstanding choreography. Real design is when all the systemic complications are simplified. As the name suggests, JusFlo is the perfect balance between an orchestrated drama and simplicity. Pastel colors? Check. Minimalistic yet quirky? Check. Easy to use? Check. We followed all the trends.
Just be Zen
Just be Zen
There are enough surprises that are thrown at you. The last thing you need is your financial health to be a bigger surprise! Life forecasts are great but what’s even better? Your finances being forecasted graphically. As another wise man once said, with knowledge comes power! JusFlo will provide you with all knowledge you require to attain that power. Life is all about the decisions you make, and JusFlo will help ensure you make some great decisions too!
Here’s some more things you’ll love
Stopping the flo is a terrible idea. Any great or budding entrepreneurs you know should also be a part of flo
Excel Support
JusFlo promises to make importing all your incomes and expenses easy. We believe in the power of KISS (Keep It Simple, Silly)
Export Reports
Import all your data into flow and export all your data through a detailed report for all your investors and stakeholders
Multiple Views
Seamless viewing is an experience in itself. Experience this as you switch between your daily, weekly, monthly, & yearly cashflow
We value your privacy. This is not a white-wash statement. We do not sell your data or run ads in our service
Data Control
Being in control is of utmost importance. Add, subtract, divide, multiply or even just delete your data, the trigger is in your hands.
JusFlo ensures responsiveness to some of the top browsers in the eco-system be it on your mobile phone, tablet or laptop.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Maybe not that frequent :-P
JusFlo FAQ
How can I import my income & expenses
At the moment, we support uploading from spreadsheet (excel) and manually adding fixed and recurring income or expense from JusFlo. In our next release, we'll support importing data from some of the well known banking and accounting platforms
Is there a pricing?
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